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The Proper Role of Government

Protecting Small Business

COVID-19 and the Government

When COVID-19 first came to the United States, for a few days it looked like we might come together as a country and weather a new challenge. Now it is all politicized. Everyone picks a set of facts that supports their position and then they stick to them – even as new facts come out.

People want candidates to take a firm stand and commit to something. I agree, but it isn’t always possible when the ground keeps moving.

There will be a lot more information coming in the months and years ahead. We will know better then if what we did now was the right thing.

There are serious repercussions that need to be evaluated in the meantime. Besides the economy collapse which will need priority attention by the Legislature, we must have a healthy debate on whether there was overreach by the government when it curtailed our movement and ability to conduct business. The government is also responsible to protect us from threats. Was it a balanced approach?

I believe that Gov. Little made the choice he thought was best when he made the stay at home order. I don’t believe that it was motivated by a power grab. But the question must still be asked of politicians, “Are you doing this to serve and protect people, or are you just flexing your ability to be in charge?”

We will tackle those debates and questions in the Legislature. We can make new laws to correct problems if necessary.

For now, I believe it is time to get back to work.

Protecting Small Business

As a Republican, I believe that government cannot and does not create wealth. I fully support President Trump in reducing burdensome regulations that stifle economic growth and hinder innovation. I will work with Governor Little to continue this effort in Idaho.

Protecting Family and Life

I have been married to my wife Sheree for 28 years and we have 3 children. I love living in Nampa and raised my children on traditional family values. I also believe in the sanctity of life and have a strong pro-life value system.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right that is guaranteed by our Constitution. Nobody knows that better than Idaho and I will always defend that right.


As a conservative, I support a tax system that is simple, fair, stable, and competitive. Our tax system should not make us less competitive and drive businesses away or discourage hiring. I will work with the Idaho Legislature and Governor Little to find ways to lower the burden on hard working Idahoans.


Being married to an educator, I know the important role that our teachers and parents play in our children’s education. Local communities know what is best for their students and solutions should be locally driven. I support providing our educators with the tools and pay they deserve, encouraging parental involvement, and allowing them to make the choices that work best to educate their students. I will work to make Idaho one of the best places to educate our children.


Our roads and bridges continue to be an issue. I support efforts to make sure that our roads and bridges are up to date and Idahoans can travel where they need to go. I will fight for funding so that the local highway districts and municipalities can address their needs.


I will work to find solutions that will address the issues facing our healthcare system and not just address the symptoms. It is necessary for us to allow small businesses to band together to get smaller rates for our local employees. Furthermore, to increase competition we should work to remove the restriction of purchasing health insurance only within state borders.

Religious Freedom

Those who know me well know that I have lived my life on the premise of the two Great Commandments as taught by Jesus Christ: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength,” and “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” My ability to be involved in my community and teach those principles to members of my congregation is reliant on our constitutional right to practice our religion.

My freedom is just as important as the religious freedom of anyone else, including those who choose to follow no religion. However, when governments or individuals try to pass laws that limit our ability to share or practice our religion then we must push back with all our energy.

As we fight and stand up for religious freedom, we must be careful not to use our beliefs to bludgeon the rights of others. Sometimes there are zealots who are willing to break the second commandment to champion another cause. To love everyone, even those who harm us, despitefully use us, or simply disagree with us, is a non-negotiable tenet of my Christian faith. Idaho citizens, and especially Idaho Christians, cannot tolerate discrimination of anyone. People of my faith suffered discrimination years ago when ordered to leave the state of Missouri or be “exterminated.”

Fighting for religious freedom means insisting that I get to practice my religion without the government telling me that I must perform or provide services that contradict my faith. It means that my voice and my values aren’t suppressed in the public square. It also means that I love my neighbors and let them live according to their consciences. We need to protect the rights of everyone as we seek justice, fairness, and love.

On Obamacare & Abortion

Abortion: No! Human life is sacred.

Obamacare: No! Let individuals choose, not the Federal government.

A coordinated effort by my opponent, or his supporters, to spread false and distorted information through editorials, phone calls, and texts is afoot today in Nampa. As often happens, some people turn to negative and misleading campaigning to sow doubt. For those who know me they understand how absurd it is that I, a religious, small business owner in health care, would advocate for abortion or Obamacare.

The issue to which these folks refer is a letter that I, and hundreds of other health care providers and small businesses, signed back in 2012. This was a federal law that we could not control, but we could stand up and speak for Idaho business and health care. Which we did.

WE DID NOT WANT FEDERAL CONTROL OF HEALTH CARE. This was a 10th Amendment issue that allowed for individual freedom for Idahoans to voluntarily choose their own coverage in the face of looming federal controls. No doubt about it, this was a local solution to bad federal policy. It was either Idaho runs it, or the Federal government takes over. This was not support for Obamacare or abortion.

I hope that the candidate will honorably disavow the negative and misleading attacks and let politics be about his positions.

Contact Our Campaign

Hey Friends of Kim Keller for Idaho!

Thank you all for your amazing support and long-lasting friendship as I ran for state representative. Unfortunately we didn't win. But, it was quite an experience that I got to share with all of you.

Let's keep praying for a government that is a blessing to our citizens and leaders who will represent the people who elected them.

If you still have a sign in your yard you can either keep it for a souvenir, use it for a place mat, or dispose of it as you see fit.
Thank you so much for your willingness to support me!! In the meantime, let's get to work, love our families, and keep doing our part to keep Idaho awesome!!

Thank you for all of your support for the Kim Keller for Idaho campaign. If you still have your ballot, please hand deliver it to the dropbox at the Canyon County Election Office at 1102 E. Chicago St in Caldwell so your vote can be counted! All ballots must be submitted by Tuesday night at 8pm. I appreciate all of your fantastic support. 🇺🇸 ...

Happy Memorial Day! I’m so grateful to live in this beautiful city. Reflecting today on those who have gone before and expressing gratitude for their sacrifices! ...

A reminder that the only way to vote in this election is through absentee ballot. The window to request your ballot closes in one week! If you have already received your ballot, please remember to vote and return it in the mail! ...

One of the highlights of my career has been my participation in “Shareen Keller Day” — one day a year where we provide free dentistry to Moms in need in our community. Started with my brother, and named after our mom, it is our gift to her! We have enjoyed this day annually since 2005, but unfortunately, because of the current pandemic, we will not be able to hold our event as scheduled for tomorrow. ⁣⁣
For those moms whom we have helped in the past that plan for this event, Klint and I will be outside the office tomorrow morning between 7 and 9 am to give vouchers to come back when things are more normalized. We love our moms and want to help!!⁣⁣
Wishing all of our Moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m running for Legislature to protect small businesses and to help our community thrive. I know from experience that local businesses will always need protection from too much government oversight and overtaxation. ⁣

Have you been a recipient of the Keller Award given to middle school students annually? Reply and say hi! 👋🏼⁣

Please request your ballot today at and vote for me, Kim Keller.

I am a Nampa native and have been actively involved in our community as a small business owner and volunteer for 27 years. We need to get Idahoans back to work. I believe this experience will make me the best person to represent Nampa citizens in the Legislature. Be sure to request your ballot at by May 19 in order to vote! Please vote for me, Kim Keller. ...

The Proper Role of Government⁣

I’m running for the state legislature because I support the proper role of government. My great-uncle, Ezra Taft Benson, was an Idahoan that became the secretary of agriculture during the term of Pres. Eisenhower. Uncle T, as we called him, defended small government by telling us that “it is a firm principle that the smallest or lowest level that can possibly undertake the task is the one that should do so” and that “the sole function of government is to protect life, liberty, and property.” ⁣

The principles of small government run deep in my family, and I echo these words of my great-uncle “I am opposed to any attempt on the part of the Federal Government to deny the people their right to bear arms, to worship and pray when and where they choose, or to own and control private property.” ⁣

I’m asking for your vote to represent Nampa and our firm commitment to smaller government.

Why I’m Running — Kim and his brother Klint talk about issues impacting Nampa. This video is posted in stories in its entirety. ...

Only those who have requested a ballot will get to vote in the May 19 Primary Election. Please visit to request your ballot! ...

I’m grateful for the friendship, support and endorsement from Victor Rodriguez of the Nampa City Council. For the full video, please see Kim Keller for Idaho on Facebook. ...

We have plenty of yard signs and would love to see them all over town!
We are carefully observing the city ordinance that requires we don’t post signs in public right of ways. We are following the direction to ask first and put signs on private property.
Please let us know if you’d like one in your yard or on a piece or property you own by sending us a DM with your address.

Doing our best to keep Governor Little’s #stayathome order — cooking dinner and playing games together. Here’s a video we made for our former Italian foreign exchange student Elena, with our new Brazilian foreign exchange student Rafael. And featuring our son Preston who is away at college! (It was Mrs. White, in the Library, with the Wrench!) What are you doing to stay home and stay safe? ...

Thanks Bobbie Pearce for your support — and sharing your talents with our family! ...

My daughter MacyLynn and I are out putting in yard signs! Congrats to the Kirkman family for getting the first Kim Keller for Idaho yard sign. Also here’s a behind the scenes look into a fun trip MacyLynn and I took to our nation’s capital. And MacyLynn’s amazing violin! ...

As a small business owner for 27 years, Kim has been actively engaged in creating jobs and helping the local economy. Keller’s business, Nampa Smiles Dentistry, employs forty-five dedicated employees between two locations. Thanks to those who are continuing to work to keep us healthy and safe during this COVID19 crisis. ...

Here’s a Step by Step walkthrough of how to request an absentee ballot on the mobile site of Takes 3 minutes or less! Time yourself and reply with how long it took! ...

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